Terms – Conditions – Payments – Shipping

We ship from Europe to the entire world. We pack our geckos one by one, we provide more food and water the days before shipping and then we transport personally in a isotermic boxes with controlled temperatures to Hamm or Houten. I personally bring the animals in Germany with the car from my facility and animals are given to the courier with no stress and in a controlled temperature environment. Then the courier will ship to the world usually in the next 2 days. Animals usually are shipped 2-3 times per year. Unfortunately there is not an overnight shipping in Europe so i must bring animals to the shipper by car. We can ship to Usa, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan very easily with our friend shippers (Dutch Dragon Import , Markus Schaub , Colubra etc.) Overseas shipping quotes are very different. From Germany to Usa usually is around 130€\1 , same for Canada, for the first gecko. From the second gecko the price is usually less expensive (one box only, one parcel)and should be around 80€ . From Germany to Hong Kong, Korea, Japan the price can vary a lot, is you need a special shipping box and a dedicate shipping just for our-your animals shipping 1 or 40 animals is the same price, around 1000-1500€ . If you make a “group shipping” you can pay same prices as Usa shipping. You can take personally your animals in Germany (Hamm) or in Holland (Houten ) and ship with your courier if preferred. Shipping time can vary a lot. Documents, air cargo time, weather conditions etc. Never had big problems but i am not shipping in December-January-February. NO WAY. Best time is march-april or september-october.

All our animals are inspected by a veterinary before shipping. Are offered without any kind of parasites (worms, mites etc) and in perfect health. We can assure a 100% refund on a D.O.A. animal in Europe. A d.o.a. never happened and i hope never will. To Usa and other countries it is all about the courier that we pay for (and it is expensive). We cannot provide any kind of refund for third parts people involved (couriers – shipping societies – postman etc.) Sexed animals are often offered but sometimes mistakes happens. Rarely , but can happen. If available we can change the animal in case of error. We can take back the animal we sold and change for free, only if the animal is in perfect shape with no illness. I have to check the animal personally before taking back one animal so usually this service is not available for overseas orders. If one animal is listed as “possible” male or female will not be possible to change it.

Payments accepted are bank transfer, PayPal, cash. We always emit a receipt. Prices are FEES free. If you manage to pay with PayPal you can use friends and family option or pay the PayPal fees. Bank transfers are way cheaper and safer.