You can divide Yate in 3 lines : Euro Line (Bubba) , Fast Line (Dark Morph or PDV) and Kaverkin

Euro line are big animals that can become (when unfired) pale , yellowish. Often these animals are called “Golden Yate” . Some of these Yate are generated from Bubba, a famous gecko from Leapin leaches, obtained from Europe (Russia)

Euro line are not ALWAYS golden, sometimes they can tend to golden color but is due to temperature, humidity and hour of the day . Normal color is light brown.

Fast Line (Dark Morph or PDV)

Some animals caught by Frank Fast in ’94 around Yate were selectively bred to obtain some dark lines. Kept originally by Frank Fast and Philippe De Vosjoli (PDV)

Kaverkin line is a line coming from Russia. This line came in the hobby later. These animals are smaller, slender .Still dark animals.